000DETECTED, 2021
Anti-Facial Recognition Jewellery

Left, Right and Centre.
Logos, Brands and Ads.
Visual information bombards our world, creating the need for unnecessary commodities in exchange for short-term gratification, social status and identity. Today, our online world is flooded by advertisements due to a circumstantial swap; our private data unwittingly exchanged for personalised adverts, also known as surveillance capitalism.

‘000DETECTED’ focuses on creating forms that obscure our identity from such new technology such as facial recognition in the advertising world, especially as today an average Londoner is captured on CCTV up to 300 times per day. Inspired by CV Dazzle face paint, I have developed patterns that prevent being detected by facial recognition into wearable forms of anti-tech jewellery, allowing the wearer to be undetectable in public spaces where surveillance is placed.